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DevBlog #3 - Stayin’ Alive

Happy 2022, For the Hive fans. We made a lot of fantastic progress on the game in 2021, and 2022 promises to be even more exciting. We hope you're excited about what we've done so far because we are! And we think you'll like what we have to share in our latest update.

The name of today’s game is survival and combat mechanics, so buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Don’t Just Survive, Thrive

Today we’re going to talk about some really cool mechanics and features related to surviving in For The Hive. The goal, of course, is not only to survive but also to make the most of your time navigating the FTH world, hopefully coming out on top as king or queen of the hive.

Two challenges you'll face in the game are combat and fending off hunger. Engaging in battle can mean injury or death, so it's vital to fight smart. And, of course, you want to make sure your character stays fuelled up, so you don't starve to death.

The Need to Feed

We've added features that allow you to hunt and forage for food—namely, other insects. But an added bonus is that when another character dies, you can benefit from this by collecting the food items they drop and consuming them on the spot for an instant boost in energy. This can help buy you time as you forage for your character’s favourite foods, as just in the real world, different species have different needs and preferences for food, like nectar or a specific type of wood. Take advantage of these opportunities when they arise.

Fight Smart

At every turn in the game, combat is a real possibility. Combat can arise while you’re hunting for food or when an insect enemy attacks you or your colony.

But the good news is, not every fight is a fight you have to engage in. Conserve your energy and play smart by watching from afar. Being a bystander means that you can swoop in and pick up valuable items dropped by the insect combatants, including food, or you can even finish off an already weakened survivor to maximise your dominance.

When it comes to picking your insect character or engaging in battle with an unfriendly foe, it’s important to remember that each species will have a unique type of damage to inflict based on its physical form and biology. For instance, a female termite with expansive jaws can quickly make short work of anything standing in her way. Consider yourself warned!

To help you manage combat, we've created a health bar represented by hearts in the FTH interface. Different species start with varying points of health. For instance, a larger insect like a ladybug will start with more health points and can take more damage before dying than a smaller, more vulnerable counterpart. Keep this in mind when choosing your character and deciding which fights you’ll engage in and which you’ll fly or walk away from.

An Interesting Cast of Characters

Like the real world, the FTH world is rich with a cast of insect characters coming and going. We've created the FTH world in a way that makes it rich and interesting, full of characters that are playable. As we continue to expand our universe, we plan to make these characters and interactions between all characters more varied to better reflect real-world scenarios.

For instance, a tiny aphid is weak and doesn't have enough strength to defend itself. But in the FTH world, we hope to give this character the ability to buy the protection of the mighty ant in exchange of some honeydew.

We’ve also further developed our termites and their playability. This means you can play as a termite nymph, which is a termite baby, all the way through the king and queen stages of life.

Our goal is to continue to expand these rich possibilities and the survival capabilities associated with each character as we develop the FTH world.

Stay Tuned for More

We hope you’re as excited as we are about these newest developments. They’re a promising foundation for a great 2022. Everything we design is created with you in mind, offering an immersive experience that makes you feel that you’re in the centre of all the action.

We can't wait to share more with you in the coming weeks, so make sure you sign up for notifications if you like what you're seeing.

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Jan 06, 2022

I'm liking the combat so far.

some Ideas that would be interesting for combat/bug survival:

Having to manually harvest the bugs after killing them (this may involve quickly run in harvest and run out in chaos) but adding some element to harvest or colect the body of a dead bug would add a sense of realism.

Special ability's that each bug species has. like termite could burrow itself in plants for a quick get away, or Lady Bugs have a tank "health" boost.

Side strafing? dogging.

Mini bosses.

Overall I am loving the progress and look forward to how the combat progresses! BTW I think that the ageing process is REALLY COOL!

Jan 07, 2022
Replying to

I eagerly look forward to next months DevBlog!

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