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Tiger Beetle
Cicindela chinensis japonica


One of their most defining features are the large chomping jaws on the front of the head which are used to seize small insects such as ants which they can tear to shreds.

Tiger beetles are unusual insects and they are among the fastest on Earth. When running they reach such high speeds that they often temporarily lose vision and must stop to refocus on their target or surroundings. 

These bugs are usually found near water and rely on soft sandy or clay soils in which they can deposit their eggs. The females deposit their eggs one by one in the soil and when they hatch the larva will enlarge their burrows where they may remain for up to the next year. Once they emerge they are ready to race around in all their beauty. 

A great playstyle, the Tiger Beetle will be one to play if you enjoy running around attacking and running away just as fast! They really are true speed ninjas.



+ The fastest insect available (Formula one cars on legs)

+ Massive jaws make short work of insect flesh

+ Good armoured carapace

+ Expert assassin

+ Can fly

+ Daytime hunter


- Runs so fast that their eyes cant keep up

- Don't get too large

- Very big appetite 

- If it runs out of stamina it may be vulnerable

Life Cycle:

 Egg > Larva > 2nd stage Larva > Adult Male/Female 


Forrest & Jungle biome


Burrows in the ground near water


Smaller insects such as ants


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