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Antilles Pink Toe Tarantula
Caribena versicolor


The Antilles Pink Toe Tarantula, an eight legged colourful monster. It is an aggressive eater that is equipped with a variety of skills to allow it to hunt almost anything that they are able to overpower.

They are able to construct magnificent funnel webs on trees, which is where these species are mostly found.

They tend to be quite docile by their nature, the first line of defense unfortunately for the opponent is flinging poo at what they determine to be a threat. If they continue to feel threatened however they will be more than capable of delivering a few swift bites!

The Antilles pinktoe tarantula also has a fuzzy body full of barbed hairs, they are likely to rub them off on the attacker causing damage and irritation to whatever they come into contact with.

Playing as the pink Antilles Pink Toe Tarantula is a rewarding journey, for those who make it to adulthood. Their play styles can be varied although they succeed best with patient assassination style surprise attacks on unsuspecting crickets. 



+ 8 legs

+ Powerful bite 

+ Mildly venomous 

+ Irritating hairs defense system

+ Quick and agile

+ Can jump long distances quickly

+ Can shoot out faecal matter (ew)

+ Strong armoured body

+ Funnel web maker


- Become lethargic if hunger level gets too low

- Must moult several times

- Vulnerable after moulting

- Unpredictable mating

- Very weak early on in life cycle

- Solitary species

Life Cycle:

 Egg > Juvenile > Adult Male/Female (Several stages)


Jungle biome


Can be most commonly found high up in the trees in funnel webs


Primarily insectivorous preying on especially flying insects including grasshoppers, roaches, adult crickets, wax etc.

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