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Game Features

Open World Insect Survival Game


Open World Survival

Survival in FTH is the core gameplay element, and it’s not as easy as it sounds! Eat food you find along your travels from various sources and drink water droplets to prevent your hunger/thirst meters from going too low to prevent death.

While you are on your quest for survival you will need to manage your energy bar. Every attack you make, flight you take (queue sting song) or mating to build your family tree will cost you energy. So, you will have to choose your actions wisely and more importantly rest in safe places.

Diverse Characters

Choose from a large array of exciting characters to play from. Ants, Termites and Bees using cooperation to take down larger foes, Pray Mantis, Spiders, Beetles for more solo style plays and everything else in between: Ladybugs, Flies, Crickets, and the like. Choose from 15+ different insects and experience the FTH world in all its glory.

Farming & Recruitment

In FTH you can “farm” smaller insects for long term sustainable food. For example, as a ladybug you can farm aphids in your base to produce you more food than you can scavenge. Protecting them and helping their population grow will in turn feed you more, but it may also attract more unwanted visitors.


Mating & Dynasties

In FTH there are male and females for each species. During the springtime there will be opportunities to mate with the opposite sex, allowing you to build your lineage (or family tree). This is a key part of the game as when you die you can continue playing the game as your offspring. The player is also incentivised to mate – gaining species points. However, each time you mate it will cost you energy.

RPG Gameplay

You can upgrade your stats as you level up: Size, Energy, Strength, Hunger, Thirst to name a few, will increase your chances of survival. There always is however a cost to each advantage. Gaining size may increase your strength but also slightly increase your need for food. Everything is about balance, so choose wisely.

Immersive Combat

As you go about your insect business you will have to fight, kill, run away to chase experience points levelling up as you go. Combat in FTH is skill based, and damage depends on your speed, stats, and which part of the insect you attack.

You must be careful when fighting as limbs on insects can be ripped off, if you go into combat and lose a leg it might hurt your overall game in the long run. For this reason, planning your attacks are very important. Or maybe you like to live life recklessly in the fast lane.


Base Building

Hives & bases can be established, built & upgraded almost anywhere in the FTH open world. Move pebbles around to secure your base, a hole in the ground, take advantage of an empty can or find a remote location to convert for defence purposes. All options are open, where will you secure your colony?


Fly, run or walk as you explore the vast uniqueness of the FTH world, different each time you play. Feast your eyes on the beautiful scenes unfold before you as day turns to night, discover unique plants and mushrooms, discover the world of For The Hive, played out on the grandest stage of all. The great insect world.

Diplomacy & Colony Management

Establish peace treaties with other colonies, wage full scale ant wars and invasions, establish your own hive/colony or just sit back and watch insect civilisations destroy each other and swoop in for the spoils of war left behind. Choose your enemies and friends wisely.