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We're Back !! Devblog #7 Alpha and more!


Happy New Year, Hive Community!

As we step into 2024, we reflect on a year of tremendous growth, not just within our game but also within our team (and we're not just talking about our newest 'junior developer'—wink, wink). We're buzzing with excitement to share with you the major milestones we've achieved and the thrilling new changes on the horizon for "For the Hive".

To watch Devlog #7 click on this link

Game Development Milestones

Last time we checked in, "For the Hive" was already shaping up to be an immersive experience, with core mechanics like movement, climbing, flying, and the beginnings of a complex life system firmly in place. Since then, we've been hard at work refining the game's physics, allowing players to interact with their environment and foes in more dynamic ways, such as grabbing opponents' legs—a feature we're still perfecting.

We've laid down the groundwork for bee colonies and hives, cleaned up our codebase for better scalability, and polished many existing systems. It's safe to say the game is evolving in ways we're incredibly proud of.

Some major improvements to the environment have also taken place.

Expanding Our Team

In exciting company news, we're expanding our team by 3 new members! This growth will enable us to bring more hands and minds to our project, ensuring "For the Hive" reaches new heights in 2024. So that's +3 new Arcane Worlds T's being shipped out! (A despicable plug in am I right?)

Enhancing Communication

We acknowledge that last year, our updates were few and far between, mainly due to the nature of our work focusing on the game's infrastructure. This year, we're committed to improving our communication with you. We plan to open our Miro board to the public, allowing you a behind-the-scenes look at our development process, and we'll be providing more frequent devlogs and updates to keep you informed and involved in our journey.

To access the Miro click the following link:

Early Access and Alpha Testing

We understand the anticipation and occasional frustration regarding early access and alpha testing dates. Developing our first major game has been a learning experience, and we appreciate your patience as we navigate these uncharted waters. Our primary goal remains to deliver a playable version of "For the Hive" to you as soon as possible.

This year, we're excited to share that we aim to put the Alpha version into your hands, focusing on giving you a taste of the combat system we've been diligently refining.

What's Next?

Our immediate focus is on perfecting the combat system to make it feel visceral, engaging, and satisfyingly strategic. We're drawing inspiration from renowned combat systems to ensure ours is not only fun but also deeply immersive. We estimate this phase could take 6-8 months, but we're excited about the possibility of releasing a test version thereafter.

A Heartfelt Thank You

We couldn't end this update without expressing our deepest gratitude to our incredible community. Your support and patience fuels our dedication to making "For the Hive" a game worth waiting for. A special thank you to our Discord mods, isux and Ogre, for your exceptional management of our community space. Your efforts create a welcoming and engaging environment for all our fans.

Here's to a year filled with progress, excitement, and, most importantly, fun. Happy New Year, and thank you for being part of this journey!

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Matt Wass
Matt Wass
Feb 16

I still have my FTH Poster unopened, waiting for a great border to put it in. Cannot wait to try this out, The wait is killing me, but i love the dedication and no rush being put into it. Take your time and put all the love into it you want! ill be one of the first in line to get it!


I am 100% looking forward to Alpha Testing! I'm glad you guys are still in production you've been quite for a while. Although taking your time and enjoy creating the game is far more fun than trying to crunch something out quickly.

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