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DevBlog #1 - Introducing Our World

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

Greetings, from Arcane Worlds! We're excited to connect with you in new and exciting ways and share the progress we're making on our brand-new game, For the Hive. We’ve never done a devlog before, so this is new territory for us, but we’re hoping that you’ll enjoy the ride and tell us how we’re doing.

We plan to share with you both in video and blog format our latest game developments. All of our games are designed with you in mind, so it’s only natural that we keep this process transparent and let you know what to expect as we bring For the Hive to life.

Let’s dive into a quick intro of the game and then our first batch of updates.

About the Game

For the Hive is an open-world insect survival simulation game with RPG elements. It’s an exciting new way to explore the world through your chosen insect’s eyes as you fight to be king or queen of the hive.

In creating For the Hive, we’ve aimed to craft a universe that is both exhilarating and ever-changing, just like the real world. And if the world is ever-changing from a human’s perspective, imagine how drastic those changes, challenges, and triumphs are on a more minute level, from an insect’s point of view. We’ve tried to make those larger-than-life feelings a reality in the pulse-pounding, immersive gaming experience in For the Hive.

As your chosen insect, you'll explore the world around you. It's a vast, open world with few restrictions and many dangers. Along the way, you'll be able to track your hunger, thirst, and energy with the three separate indicators on your screen. To succeed in your quest of taking the hive, you'll need to manage all three of these levels effectively. But self-management isn't the only challenge you will face.

Along the way, you must defend yourself against an influx of amazing and terrifying insects who want to thwart your attempts to become the proverbial Queen Bee of the insect world. So, choose your insect character wisely for its skills and abilities and keep an ever-watchful eye out for dangers around you.

Recent Developments

Unlike a lot of simulation games, we’re a small team. But that hasn’t stopped us from making big progress. And we have a lot more to show as we bring this game to life.

Even though you’ll see that we’ve mainly used the ladybug to demo in this most recent video, we’ve also completed our termite characters. This includes termite nymphs, termite workers, termite soldiers, king queen, and secondary queen. Creating these winged insects and their flight animations took a lot of attention to detail, and I think you’ll agree they are beautiful and look great moving around on your screen.

We are continuing to refine animations throughout the game, including flying and walking motions. One of our favourite parts that demonstrates the meticulous details of our animation development is the way you can see the legs move independently as the insects interact with the world around them.

This type of animation also allows for a more nuanced exploration of the world around you. While flying allows an awe-inspiring and bird's eye view of the world below, navigating the landscape on foot allows the characters to interact with the world in a way rarely seen in other games. Along the way, you can see the stunning, detailed subtleties of the world around you, including stones, foliage, mushrooms, twigs, and more.

We look forward to continuing to develop the intricacies of the landscape to provide a truly immersive and beautiful experience to players.

Another one of our favourite features is the ragdoll system. Of course, the goal is to NOT die during the game, but as the video demonstrates, the way that insects meet their demise in a ragdoll-type fashion is pretty cool.

That about wraps up our current batch of game developments. We invite you to head over to our site at for a full update on all the anticipated features. Be sure you also add For the Hive to your steam wish list here & don't forget to follow us on YouTube!

For The Hive!!!!!!

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