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A vast habitat that is dominated by trees, communities of plants, fungi, and other insects characterize the forest biome. The weather is mild generally speaking; It's warm in the summer, cool in the autumn, and cold in the winter. This biome gets a moderate amount of rain throughout the year compared to others.

During the day, you will hear a chorus of birds singing in the background, frogs calling, and insects buzzing. When night falls, fireflies illuminate the trees to the backdrop of the moon. The crystal clear waters that can be found here are perfect for a refreshing early morning drink or they can be stage for a vicious calculated assault. Opportunities are plentiful, but be careful to not get distracted, as they can become fatal mistakes in the blink of an eye. 

Home to ants, aphids, ladybugs, spiders, and many more. This is one of the most diverse biomes in FTH.


  • Temperatures vary between seasons. 

  • Precipitation is distributed evenly throughout the year with generally moderate rainfall.

  • Soil is fertile, enriched with decaying litter.

  • Canopy is moderately dense and allows light to penetrate, resulting in well-developed and richly diversified understory vegetation such as mosses & fungi.

  • Flora is characterized by 3-4 tree species. Trees are distinguished by broad leaves that are lost annually and include such species as oak, hickory, beech, maple, and spring-flowering herbs.

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